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Below are the current rules for Day Ticket Anglers from

1 Jan. 2011

Barbless hooks only (1st May- 31st Oct) (NO flattened barbed hooks permitted)

No fixed leads permitted (Safety clips please!)

Minimum of 10in Safety tube/rig tube Minimum of 15lb main line

No keep nets permitted. Carp sacks to be used for short periods only

Two rods per person (Unless pre arranged) (3 for Private hire) No rods to be left unattended

No Leadcore or Braid permitted (Braided hooklinks are fine)

No self prepared particles. Branded particles are permitted (Dynamite, Cotswold etc) Branded Tiger Nuts & Chick Pea as hookbait ONLY No peanuts whatsoever permitted

Halibut/Trout pellets as hookbait only (ONLY Smartbait Reduced oil Halibut are permitted as feed)

No lopping any trees/shrubs. No Pets of any kind. No fires (Disposable BBQs permitted)

Bait boats permitted. (Sensible use)