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Little is know about the full history of Talltrees due to the privacy of the venue over the years. We can currently call upon three previous owners to give details dating back over the last 25 years.


The lake was created in the late 1880s, excavated for the clay to make bricks. Many of these bricks can be still seen in use today at most of the local farms in the surrounding area.

Originally 3 pools, the far pool was filled in around 1940, used as a war time bottle dump, many old curious bottles and pottery items have been found around the far bank. when the rear pool was completely filled the last two pools were left to create a natural lake. The two remaining pools were then connected either side to leave what is now the island.

The island was originally around 10 meters wide, with two bridges either side, to allow the easy passage onto the island. The bridges are said to be removed around 1940. The island currently has a width of approx. 2 meters, in places. This erosion of the island size has been due to the fish eroding the island walls.

No date has ever been found of when fish were originally stocked. Although Sidney Divers had put in some stock in the early days, "John the Builder " is the first owner to lay claim to making some serious stocking. Around 50 Commons and Mirrors were stocked in around the 5lb - 8lb mark in approx.1980. Although varied stock already excised at the time, the new influx of stock caused a boom in catch rates. (Although mainly 5lb-8lb' ers were caught!) These fish were around the 15-20lb mark priot to John selling the lake.

Around 1989 John sold the lake to Melvyn, who also put some stock in, rumoured to be some green and golden tench. It has been a while since a tench has been on the bank, possibly because they are the favourite food of catfish!

John owned all the properties around the lake, until selling the lake to Melvyn, at that time it was known as Hunter's Moon lake. It is whilst called "Hunter's Moon Lake", that the late, great "Dick Walker" frequented the lake. Whilst the lake has been renowned for its quality carp over recent years, back in Walker's time he was searching for the big Perch believed to be in the water. It is rumoured that he spent an entire autumn and winter in search of the possibility of a record Perch in the lake, and at that time the Perch were the only predator fish in it! We are still trying to find out more info on Walker's visits. One of our members has a metting arranged with Mr. Walker's wife, so hopefully something will come to light.

During John's ownership he befriended "Kevin Maddox" who had stocked the stock pool with between twelve to twenty cats, all about 3lb in weight. Whilst the cats are never really fished for, numerous anglers over the years have laid claim to the "screaming run" that they could never control, and lost the fish without ever getting to see anything. With some night-time monster splashes, some rumours of a cat in the region of 60lb caught at the turn of the decade have been spoken about by local anglers.

John recalls a good varied array of stock from his time, from the roach, rudd & perch, to the small school of bream (currently around the 6lb mark) in around 1975 the introduction of a couple of pike occurred.

The pike are currently well feed up on the shoals of roach & rudd, with catches of a one time 30lb, and in recent years a 26 & a 24lb. In the past 12 months we have seen a 15lb come out on a pineapple boilie, reeled in for recasting. A few sessions of late have found a boom of 4-5lb jacks, a clump of 6lb'ers, and also a good head of 8lb'ers. This probably indicates that there is no longer a big dominant fish in the water. The winter works for 2010 will see the Pike removed, along with the Perch, Bream and silver fish.

John recalls commons in abundance, mainly in the 12lb region (in the early 80's). Some of these fine looking golden, bronze beauties have been caught of late as 24-28lb, but a good few have sadly passed their expected age and departed us to that great lake we all hope to be fishing behind the pearly gates!

In 2004, my father, (John Folly) purchased the lake from Melvyn (New City Heating).

As a very keen angler from an early age, as many an angler, his dream was to one day own his own lake. He purchased the lake as an ideal retirement retreat.

More to follow!.................................