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We keep our Latest Catches page up to date as best we can, but sometimes catches are not photographed or weighed correctly. Any catch we feel has not been reported appropriatly will not get posted on the latest catches pages.

Since the spring of 2009 we have introduced a fish naming programme. Any fish over 20lb may be named by the captor. (If previously un-named) Some of the fish named last summer are on the Named Fish page.

The Stock List is something that has previously been hard to complete. We have relevant paperwork for stockings made over the past 6 years, but prior to that we can only go by details given by previous owners. Over the past 2 years we are constantly amazed at fish caught that have never been seen before in photos of catches and from stockings going back some 12 years. Last year saw 4 commons on the bank within a month or so all 20lb+ that have no previous catch photos, and the mirror "The Fat Controller" is from a stocking of 6 mirrors 5 years ago, the last time it was caught! Only 1 other of the group of 6 has been caught, "The Sargent",but that has not been out for 3 years and was not spotted during the drain down.

With the partial drain down during Jan/feb 2010, we got a chance to log a large percentage of the fish, the listing on the stock list is now virtually correct, apart from a few that managed to hide away during the netting.