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Here is the stock list for TallTrees. There is also a listing of this years re-stocks.

6 x 30's (5 mirror, 1 common)

25 x 25-29lb

25 x 20-24lb

25 x 15-20lb

35 x 8-15lb

This was compiled during the winter drain down. Although we feel that we managed to get the vast majority of fish, some managed to slip the net. We estimate there are possibly another 10 fish that escaped the net and therefore did not make it onto the list.

New Stock added 2010

January 2010

10 x 12.8oz-13.8oz Commons

Febuary 2010

10 x 8-10lb

20 x 10-12lb

4 x 14lb

We are awaiting delivery of 2 more "Large" fish. These cannot be stocked at present, due to weather conditions, but will be stocked sometime this Autumn.